GARAGE DOG FAQ Please see the details on how to order Jaguar Stype 3.0 V6 SE.


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Q : How can I buy a car?

A : First of all, please reserve a unit which you wish to purchase.
We will make all arrangements for exporting your units from Japan to your country.
Please refer eHow to buyf section for the procedure.


Q : Can I arrange a visit to see your vehicles in person?

A : It is possible. Please come and visit our store.


Q : Does the FOB price on GARAGEDOGfs website include additional costs like freight charge, storage charge fees,tax and duties, etc?

A : No, these fees are not included in our FOB pricing. The term gFOB Price,h as seen on GARAGEDOGfs website,
refers to the vehiclefs price only. Freight charge should be added to the FOB price when you purchase the vehicle
from us. After receiving the vehicle, you will be responsible for paying port clearing costs, import duties, taxes
and any additional fees required by your country or the port of discharge. Please contact local authorities or a
reputable clearing agent for further details.


Q : Is it possible to buy cars which are not in the stock list?

A : Yes,
We have professional purchasing staffs who buy cars not only from Auto Auction but also from other sources.
We are able to offer you various units depending on your budget.


Q : How do i check the product quality?

A : GARAGE DOG tries to put quality verification ratings for each car, which is based on physical inspection of the car by professional authorities in Japan. If the car you like does not have such quality verification or if you want to double check, you may request for a chargeable inspection.


Q : I want to install some options such as AW wheel,HDD navi,rear camera, etc. Can you do that?

A : Itfs possible. We will propose a quotation for additional option.


Q :Does the vehicle come with an English manual?

A :No: because we sell Japanese vehicles previously owned and operated in Japan, any provided manual will be in Japanese.


Q : How do I pay for a car?

A : Please remit your deposit by Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) to our bank account.
Basically we accept only 100% payment before shipment.
100% payment TT (Telegraphic Transfer)
In this process you will pay the total amount by choosing any bank you prefer.
After the payment you will send us the TT copy and we will start processing for the shipment.


Q : How do I pay?

A : To pay for a product, you will require an gInvoiceh from us. As soon as purchase conditions (CIF/FOB/ inspection/etc.), including price are agreed, we will issue you an invoice for the related product based on agreed terms. In the invoice, all details related to payment, including purchase conditions, payment destination bank account, deadlines, method of payment, etc. will be mentioned.


Please go to your preferred bank with the invoice and make payment as per the invoice. Please note that sharing the T/T copy (Payment Receipt from your bank) as soon as possible is important to ensure your purchase.


Q :How long does it take for my bank remittance to be transferred to your bank account?

A :Please allow a minimum of three (3) business days for your bank remittance to be reflected in our bank account. While this delay may cause some inconvenience, it is the average amount of time required for interbank transactions.


Q : Besides CIF price, what other extra change are there?

A : There is no extra charge than the CIF price, from our side. If you request some inspection, it will be added to the CIF price.
The price (including inspection, if required) mentioned in the invoice, is the total cost of your selected product.


Q : When is the payment deadline?

A : We request that the payment will be done within 3 working days after issuing proforma invoice.


Q : What are your bank account details?

A : Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Address: 1-27-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075
Bank Swift Code: 0009 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation SMBCJPJT
Account Name: GARAGE DOG limited company
Account Number: 4109891
Account Address: 3-30-8 Nishi-Waseda Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan 169-0051


Q : What if units are already sold after remitting deposit?

A : Please do not worry,
We could offer the alternative choice from our various units in stock or we are able to refund your money upon your request.


Q : What currencies do you accept?

A : Generally, we do business in USD & JPY.


Q : Can I pay by credit cards?

A : Sorry, not acceptable.


Q : Can I pay by Letter of credit(L/C)?

A : Yes,
However, it usually takes more time to provide the necessary documents comparing to T/T payment.


Q : Is it possible to have a warranty(to cover marine insurance) for a car which I purchase?

A : Yes, we would like to ask you to bear the expense of that.


Q :Are pre-export inspections required?

A :For some countries, a pre-export inspection is mandatory prior to exporting the vehicle. Please visit your countryfs appropriate government authorities to obtain all required pre-export inspections lists.


Q : When can I receive my cars?

A : Please ask our staffs. We will tell you estimated arrival date of your cars.


Q : How long will it take for the shipping vessel to reach my port?

A : The shipping duration depends on your port, schedule and frequency of vessels, weather, etc. Normally it takes 20-30 days to different ports from Japan. Tell us your port name and we can help you with approximate shipping duration.


Q : What kinds of documents are sent from you?

A : Bill of Lading
Registration Certificate (Japanese & English)


Q : What documents will receive to release the product?

A : You will receive 2 original BLs, 1 original export certificate of the product, 1 original inspection certificate (if any).


Q : How do I handle the import in my country?

A : Car from Japan will make sure that the purchased product is shipped to your final port. The shipper in charge, will send you all standard documents required to release the product from your port including BL. After the product reaches your port, it is your responsibility to receive the car at the port and perform necessary
procedures. With the documents provided by GARAGE DOG, yourself or any clearing and forwarding agent appointed by you, will be able to release the product at your port.


Q : What information do you need from me to begin booking a shipping vessel for my vehicle?

A : The information below is required to book a shipping vessel for your cargo. Please read the following carefully and provide us with all requested information. Most information is required by the contracted shipping companies; not GARAGEDOG.
Port of Discharge: Your nearest port where the vessel will unload your cargo.
Vehicle Destination: Where the vehicle will actually is used. Please provide the name of the country where the vehicle will be registered for use.
Consignee: This is the vehiclefs gowner-to-be.h Please list the consigneefs full name as well as the grealh name shown on his/her passport or ID, full address (without any abbreviations), and phone number(s). To receive your B/L from the shipping company, it is mandatory that all the consignee's information above be provided.
Also, when providing us with your booking information, it is important to understand the following:


œ Your booking will be delayed by the shipping company if the consigneefs full name and address are not provided. Complete information must be provided.


œ The consigneefs name cannot have any spelling mistakes. Even the smallest error can be subject to a B/L amendment, which may cost you additional fees and time.
Notify Party: This is the person that the shipping agent contacts to notify the confirmed arrival date of your vessel to the port. If you have a private clearing agent, you may list them here, though it is not mandatory as you do not need to declare a clearing agent on the B/L. If you have not hired an agent, it is easiest to simply write in gSame as Consigneeh.


Q : Can I change the information of consignee and notify party after my purchased product was shipped?

A : Yes, you might be able to do so with a charge of $500, paid in advance. Please consult us as soon as possible, if you need to do so.


Q : How can I change product recipient details?

A : You may change the product recipient details within 5 days since the invoice was issued to you. You may request such change in the same place where you put your first inquiry, the inquiry thread. Please note that changing the destination port might increase the total price.


Q : Can I change my shipping schedule?

A : You may change shipping schedules by few days due to unavoidable reasons like weather, routing of ships, etc. We are always communicating with shipping companies, to make your purchased product reach you in the shortest possible time.


Q : What if I have some questions and need some assistance for purchasing cars?

A : Please feel free to ask us. We have experienced staffs who are willing to help and assist you in many ways.


Q : I have a South African client who wants me to buy a vehicle from GARAGEDOG on his/her behalf. Should I use the clientfs South African address for the DHL delivery address?

A :You need to verify that your client has an Import Permit from the ITAC and a Letter of Authority (LOA) from
the NRCS before purchasing a vehicle on his/her behalf. The South African government has very strict regulations
that allow only certified suppliers, who have obtained an Import Permit and LOA, to import foreign vehicles.


Q : My countryfs customs office is asking for a packing list. Can you provide this document?

A : We do not provide a packing list, but our Commercial Invoice can replace it. All relevant information found on
the packing list is included on the commercial invoice.

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